Petra, Stone Titan



Stone Giant
Stone Wall

Other elements




Stun Punch
Attack with a 10% chance to Stun your target for 1 turn. If your target's HP is below 30%, the Stun chance increases to 20%. Deals bonus damage based on your max HP.
(power x 0.2) + (hp x 0.15)
  • Damage +5% (Primary) and 5% (Secondary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary) and 5% (Secondary)
  • Effect Threshold +10%
  • Damage +5% (Primary) and 5% (Secondary)
  • Effect Threshold +10%
Thick Skin
Remove all debuffs from yourself and heal yourself for 30% of your HP.
(Usable every 5 turns)
  • Healing +5%
  • Healing +5%
  • Cooldown -1 turn
Stone Wall
Place a Shield on all allies worth 20% of the Stone Giant's max HP that lasts for 3 turns.
(Usable every 5 turns)
  • Shield Amount +5%
  • Shield Amount +5%
  • Duration +1 turn
Ancient Wisdom
All allies gain 10% extra XP from combat.
(Automatic effect)
Deep Crystal
You regenerate 5% of your HP each turn. Also increases your base HP by 10%.
(Automatic effect)

Equipment recommendations

Early Game:

  • Bone x3 (Crit / HP / HP / HP / Block / Block) 

End Game:

  • [Bruiser]: Swiftsteel & Wraithbone (Crit Mult / HP / HP / HP / Aim / Aim)
  • [Shield]: Titanguard & Wraithbone or Sunshield (Crit / HP / HP / HP / Block / Block)

Advice on this Hero

Petra is arguably the best Nat 3 in the game, and should be your first 6* because of his versatility and his role as your primary farmer. He is useful for:

  • Farm: should be your first Farmer as he is able to farm the first few story maps on Master with maxed out 4* or 5* gear
  • Mostly everywhere in PVE
  • Mostly everywhere in PVP

He can be geared to fill the following roles:

  • [Bruiser] - His A1 gets stronger the more HP he has, allowing him to increase his damage and survivability at the same time.
  • [Shield] - Titanguard allows him to soak up damage for his team in addition to his A3 shield, and heal up the damage himself using his A2.

He is a must-have and can be used in early, mid and end game.