Helrend, the Marrow Drinker



Void Beast
Final Hour

Other elements




Void Smash
Attack all enemies and deal bonus damage equal to 3% of the target's max HP to all enemies hit. If you are Berserk, you have a 60% chance to Curse your targets for 1 turn.
(power x 0.45) + (hp x 0.03)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
Attack yourself, dealing damage equal to 1% of your current HP. Give yourself Counterattack, Reflect, Block Buff, and Taunt for 3 turns. Take another turn immediately.
(Usable every 6 turns)
  • Taunt Duration +1 turn
  • Counterattack Duration +1 turn
  • Reflect Duration +1 turn
  • Cooldown -1 turn
Cage of Death
Attack all enemies and with a 75% chance to Blind them for 2 turns and Provoke them for 1 turn. Extend the duration of all buffs on yourself by 1 turn, then give yourself Berserk for 2 turns.
(Usable every 7 turns)
(Available on turn 3)
(power x 1.05)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Cooldown -1 turn
  • Effect Chance +10%
  • Effect Chance +15%
  • Initial Cooldown -1 turn
Final Hour
Whenever you are attacked, increase your Power by 10% and add 10% to your Block for the duration of this battle, up to a maximum 100% Power and 100% Block. After 10 hits, give yourself 100% Aim, 15% Damage Reduction, and 15% increased damage for the rest of the battle.
(Automatic effect)
Void Visage
Whenever you are attacked, heal yourself for 3% of your max HP, fill your Speed Bar by 10%, and have a 25% chance to Crit Resist Buff yourself for 2 turns. This heal cannot Crit.
(Automatic effect)