Giles, the Purifier



Eye for an Eye

Other elements




Wartech Blade
Attack and heal yourself for 5% of your HP. Deals bonus damage based on your Armor.
(power x 0.15) + (armor x 0.33)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +10% (Primary)
Forceful Taunt
Attack a target and gain Taunt and an Armor Buff for 2 turns. Deals bonus damage based on your Armor.
(Usable every 5 turns)
(power x 0.21) + (armor x 0.47)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Cooldown -1 turn
Extend the duration of all buffs on you by 1 then gain a Counterattack Buff and Crit Resist Buff for 3 turns. Take another turn.
(Usable every 6 turns)
  • Cooldown -1 turn
Eye for an Eye
Every turn, remove a debuff from yourself, then inflict that debuff on a random enemy. This effect cannot be Blocked.
(Automatic effect)
Imperium Blade
Gain 20% bonus Armor. Forceful Taunt now Taunts for 3 turns and you are immune to Heal Block
(Automatic effect)

Equipment recommendations

Early Game:

  • Bone x3 ( Crit / HP / HP / HP / Block / Block)

End Game:

  • [Tank (Balanced)]: Ironclaw + Sunshield (Crit / Armor / Armor / HP / Block / Block)
  • [Tank (Survivability)]: 3x Wraithbone, 3x Icesteel, or 3x Sunshield (Crit / Armor / Armor / HP / Block / Block)
  • [Bruiser]: Swiftsteel + Sunshield (Crit Mult / Armor / Armor / HP / Block / Block)

Advice on this Hero

Giles is one of the best Nat 4 tanks in the game, and should be taken to 6* if you don't have one of the Nat 5 tanks (Warmechs/Champions). He is useful for:

  • Mostly everywhere in PVE
  • Certain team compositions in PVP

He has high taunt uptime (3 out of 4 turns with artifact), a self heal, is able to buff himself with Armor buff, Counterattack, Crit Resist, and his passive transfers a debuff from himself to a random enemy every turn. 

He can be geared to fill the following roles:

  • [Tank (Balanced)] - Ironclaw allows him to counterattack more often for more damage output and self-healing, as well as a decent boost in survivability. 
  • [Tank (Survivability)] - 3x Wraithbone or 3x Icesteel gives you more effective health than Ironclaw (70% health or 60% armor vs 15% health and 15% armor). 3x Sunshield allows you to have the maximum amount of Block for situations where you need it.  
  • [Bruiser] - With the recent change to Paladins, they now have one of the highest, if not the highest base Armor in the game with their artifact. His damage abilities scale off of Armor so putting him in Swiftsteel allows him to be a good single target damage dealer, while still having great survivability as a tank. 

He is a great tank to have and can be used in early, mid and end game.