Anat, Mother of War



Time of Need

Other elements




Attack an enemy with a 50% chance to Blind them for 1 turn.
(power x 1)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Effect Chance +10%
  • Damage +10% (Primary)
  • Effect Chance +15%
Heal all allies for 10% of their max HP and transform up to 2 debuffs on each of them into 1-turn Heal Over Time effects.
(Usable every 4 turns)
  • Cooldown -1 turn
Protection of the Ancients
Heal an ally for 25% of their HP, remove all debuffs on them, and give them Debuff Immunity for 3 turns.
(Usable every 5 turns)
  • Healing +5%
  • Healing +10%
  • Cooldown -1 turn
Time of Need
Your Speed Bar is filled by 10% whenever an ally gets a debuff.
(Automatic effect)
Staff of Elerian
Purify heals for 15% HP and removes up to 3 debuffs from allies.
(Automatic effect)

Equipment recommendations

Early Game:

  • Bone x3 ( Crit / HP / HP / HP / Block / Block)

End Game:

  • [Healer]: Lifesilk + Sunshield (Crit Mult / HP / HP / HP / Block / Block)
  • [Cleanser] (PVP): 3x Sunshield (Crit / HP / HP / HP / Block / Block)

Advice on this Hero

Anat is one of the best Nat 4 healers in the game, and should be taken to 6*. She is useful for:

  • Mostly everywhere in PVE
  • Mostly everywhere in PVP

She has group cleanse, group healing, and a large single-target heal that also cleanses and gives Debuff Immunity. Her kit is further highlighted by her passive, which fills her Speed Bar whenever an ally gets a debuff (allowing her to take turns faster when it's needed the most).  

She can be geared to fill the following roles:

  • [Healer] - Lifesilk boosts her already strong healing skills even more. 
  • [Cleanser] - 3x Sunshield is typically used in PVP so that she can avoid debuffs, take her turn quickly through her passive, and cleanse her allies. 

She is a must-have and can be used in early, mid and end game.