Alessa, the Life Well




Other elements




Holy Smite
Attack with a 30% chance to heal yourself for 10% of your max HP.
(power x 1)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
  • Damage +5% (Primary)
Taunt all enemies and gain Counterattack for 1 turn.
(Usable every 4 turns)
  • Taunt Duration +1 turn
  • Counterattack Duration +1 turn
Life for Life
Resurrect an ally and heal them for 75% of your current HP.
(Usable every 8 turns)
  • Cooldown -1 turn
Whenever you Taunt, heal yourself for 20% of your max HP.
(Automatic effect)
Bulwark of Will
All incoming damage is reduced by 20%.
(Automatic effect)

Equipment recommendations

Early Game:

  • Bone x3 ( Crit / HP / HP / HP / Block / Block)

End Game:

  • [Tank] : 3x Wraithbone or 3x Sunshield (Crit / HP / HP / HP / Block / Block)
  • [Shield] : Titanguard + Sunshield (Crit / HP / HP / HP / Block / Block)

Advice on this Hero

Alessa is one of the best Nat 3 tanks in the game, and should be taken to 6* if you don't have one of the Nat 5 tanks (Warmechs/Champions). She is useful for:

  • Mostly everywhere in PVE
  • Certain team compositions in PVP

She has two self-heals, Counterattack, and is able to resurrect an ally. Her artifact also gives her 20% damage reduction. 

She can be geared to fill the following roles:

  • [Tank] -  3x Wraithbone gives her the most survivability and effective health. 3x Sunshield is mainly used for PVP and gives her the best chance of avoiding debuffs or getting her buffs stripped. 
  • [Shield] - Titanguard is a great way to offset her relatively low taunt uptime (50%) by allowing her to still take damage for allies while her taunt is down. 

She is a great tank to have, easy to skill up because she's a Nat 3, and can be used in early, mid and end game.