What to focus on

by Saarka

When you start the game, the points you should focus on are :

  • Build a first team of 4 héroes de 4 heroes level 50 then a first hero 6* lvl 60 (a first ideal team should be Petra, a tank, a healer, et an attack hero)
  • Join an alliance to have benefits of rewards on alliance wars
  • Be at rank first 5000 in arena every week in order to have an epic core and 40 gems as reward
  • Find friends more powerfull than you, they could help you with their main hero on the story map
  • Reach level 40 the fastest as you can to get the third airship

The points you should avoid when starting are :

  • Forget to lock a hero and food him accidentally
  • Build shadow heroes (they are much more difficult to evolve 6* than elements heroes), this could be a mid/end game objective, (keep the summoning pieces of this heroes for later)
  • Evolve too much heroes in parallel, you should focus to build a team with 4 heroes lvl 50 then choose on of your team and build him 6* lvl 60