What to do every day

by Magambo

In order to progress in the game, here are things you should be doing everyday:

  • Play:)
  • Collect Login Bonus
  • Finish regular and elite daily quests
  • Collect free packs (turn on notifications if you play on mobile)
  • Use energy to farm experience points for heroes (using your farmer) you want to level and fodder/food. 
  • Use keys to run temples and dungeons based on your goals. Run temples to ascend heroes and get more fodder. Run dungeons to get better gear and more gold (by selling gear)
  • Ideally, you are running the dungeons, temples, and story maps whose element corresponds to the current festival
  • Use lost dungeon keys to run lost dungeon
  • Use riftstones to run the hero event
  • Explore rifts (always make sure to do the 8 hour rift before you sleep!)
  • If co-op, alliance war, or tournament is happening, participate in them
  • Spend some energy to do Path of the Ancients and go as far as you can. If you get to a point where it's hard, don't forget that you can do PotA for zero energy at the end of each month!