The vocabulary

by Saarka

Terms used in the game

  • Aim : Increase the chances to apply debuff (2)
  • Armor : Reduce the damage received from an attack (1)
  • Block : Reduce the chances to receive a debuff and on a successfull attack block, you can reduce damage by 10% (2)
  • Crit : Increase the chance of doing a critical hit (The game separates the crit in 2 parts, damage crit wich increase damages and healing crit which increase heal and the chance to land a witchstone crit on a buff/debuff)
  • Crit mult : Increase the effects of a critical hit or heal (increase damage or HP healed)
  • HP : Health point of a hero
  • Power : Increase the damage inflicted (1)
  • Speed : Allow to play the first in the round

(1) From now the only found damage formulas are in this guide

(2) The aim and block formulas are also in this guide

Terms used by players

  • AOE : Attack that deals damage to all heroes in enemy team
  • ATB : Speed bar
  • Bruiser : Is told about a hero that has a good sustainability (lots of hp or armor or both) and that can deal lots of damage (ex : Petra, Stone Titan)
  • Buff : Positive effect on the hero (armor increase....)
  • Cleanser : Hero that can remove debuffs from your team (ex : Anat, Mother of War)
  • Debuff : Negative effect on the hero (armor reduction, power reduction...)
  • DOT : Damage over time debuff that deals 5% of target's HP damage per turn. (This is usefull against bosses as they get a huge amount of HP)
  • DPS : A damage dealer hero (ex : all dragons)
  • Early game : You are in early until you get your first 2 6* heroes at level 60
  • End Game : You are in end game when you have to optimize your teams and are able to clean almost all difficult contents (Highest POTA levels, lost dungeons level 7)
  • Farmer : Hero that can clean by himself a level in the story map in master difficulty (the hardest one) and used to evolve heroes weaker than him (ex : Petra, Stone Titan or Otto, Hero of the Icefangs are good farmers)
  • HOT : Heal over time bonus hat heals your hero of 10% of his HP each turn.
  • Mid Game : You are in mid-game until you are able to clean all normal content (equipment dungeons level 6, story maps in master difficulty...)
  • Nerf : The fact that the developers of the game reduce the stats/skills/effects of a hero
  • OP : Over Powered : is tell about some crazy heroes like Ulrich, Heaven's Shield or Ouroboros, the Everliving Shadow
  • POTA : Path Of The Ancient dungeons
  • PVE : (Player versus Environment) Player against the game IA
  • PVP : Player versus Player
  • Stripper : Hero that can remove the buffs on the enemy team