The objectives

by Saarka

The game objectives are a very important aspect of this kind of game, and here is why.

There are global objectives that are easy to understand but hard to achieve :

  • Get the more heroes at level 60 6* as possible (preferably nat 4 or 5 heroes:))
  • Get the more equipments possible at 6* with full slot of gems (preferably epics or legendary)

And the every day objectives that are more complex, because the game doesn't give you objectives (except at the beginning), so you should give yourself simples and reachables daily objectives like for instance :

  • Build such hero on 6*
  • Find a specific piece of equipment for a given hero
  • Test a new team that should be able to defeat a harder dungeon

If you don't give yourself objectives, risks are the following :

  • Evolve too much heroes and loose time
  • Become demotivated because you won't know what to do when logging in
  • Give up the game and quit