Early hero list

by Magambo

Priority Farmer Tank Healer DPS Support
3 (Highest)


See Tier List Rank A for more DPS

The Farmer

Your main objective early on is to build a solid core of heroes. This of course, begins with your farmer.

What is a farmer?

A farmer is a hero that can clear a campaign map all by themselves. This allows you to put any other 3 heroes with them, with the purpose of leveling up the other 3 heroes. These other heroes can be extremely weak, because even if they die in the first stage, your farmer can still clear the map. The following heroes are considered to be the best farmers in the game:

  • Petra
  • Kelus
  • Otto

The best farmer to start out with is Petra, Stone Titan. He has all the qualities of a great farmer: tanky, damage scales with health, can self-heal, has a shield, and has a leader skill that increases XP gain by 10%. Once you get your Petra, immediately make it a priority to get him to level 60. He should be your first 6* hero, not only because of his superior farming skills, but because of the utility he provides any team in almost all content in the game. 

But Kelus has a 20% XP boost!

True! Once you've established a great core of heroes, Kelus becomes the best farmer in the game. Petra should still be prioritized in most cases, because Kelus needs much better gear, full skill-ups, and has less utility than Petra. 

Building a solid core

Once you have your farmer ready or while you're waiting to obtain them, you should be thinking about building a solid core of heroes. A good starting core of heroes is composed of heroes that fill the following roles:

  • Tank
  • Healer
  • DPS / Attack
  • Support / Utility or Second DPS

These four roles will help you tackle most early to mid-game content. 

Choosing a tank

Everyone starts off with the game's most (least) beloved hero: Roland, Heart of the People. Roland can be used for quite some time, but shouldn't be leveled past 50. If you're buying premium packs in the beginning as recommended, you're hoping to end up with a better choice. 

The 3* and 4* classes that are most desirable are the ones with taunt: Shield Maiden, Casanova, and Paladin. 

Out of those, your best options are Byron, the Traveler, Gawain, Champion of the Vale, Giles, the Purifier, and Alessa, the Life Well. We've added a PVE Rating to each hero in the database, so take a look at that when deciding which tank to go with. Ideally, you want one of the 3 taunt classes (or the NAT 5 versions if you're lucky!) that have a PVE Rating 'A', or higher. 

Once you have a good tank, they should be your next priority to level 60 (after your farmer).

Choosing a healer

There are a few decent healers to choose from when starting the game. The best healers to go with are the ones that have a strong combination of good healing output, a cleanse (removes debuffs), and skills that buff. You also want to look for healers with fairly low cooldowns so they're not sitting around using their A1 skill for too long.

The Spellbinders are great choices, especially Anat, Mother of War, who is usable for just about all content in the game. For most early to mid-game content, it's okay to leave your healer a star level below your tanks and DPS. Of course, keep in mind that they will still need good gear to survive. 

Choosing a DPS

There are plenty of DPS that can get you through early to mid-game content. However, if you happen to be lucky enough to draw one of the better ones, it's good to focus on building one or two that do more than just damage. 

On most bosses (except those that are immune), heroes with DoT's really shine. DoT's damage enemies for 5% of their health, making them great choices for targets with high health pools. Out of the DoT classes, Nekojin Warriors really shine, especially Midorimaru, The Spear of Honor for his AoE DoT ability, and Shiro, The Spear of Courage for his slow and mark.

You can also aim for DPS that are able to control the battlefield such as Jung-Ma, the Rising Crane whose A3 ability allows him to put all enemies to sleep for 1 turn, or DPS with great survivability such as Agate, Shimmering Titan whose damaging abilities benefit from having more health.

Choosing a support

Supports are hero types that focus on making your team stronger or making the enemy team weaker. They can also play a secondary tank role, a secondary healer role, and do a decent amount of damage. 

The two best supports to aim for are Midir, Keeper of Wildthorn and Rosie, the Workers' Champion. Midir gives your team haste, heal over time, a small A1 heal, and the ability to resurrect an ally, while being able to slow, armor break, and bar drain the entire enemy team. Rosie gives your team evasion, crit resist, a small bar fill, cooldown reduction, buff extension, and a random power buff. These heroes shine by making your team shine!

Diversifying Your Team

Once you've got your solid core down, it's good to start focusing on diversifying your team. What this means is expanding your barracks to include heroes of different elements per role. Here's a simple checklist to follow:

For each element, 

Fire / Water / Nature

  • Tank
  • Healer
  • DPS
  • Support / 2nd DPS

When choosing heroes to round out your team, follow the same principles talked about above. As a general guideline for early to mid-game content, the ideal team looks like this:

  • Neutral element tank
  • Strong element healer
  • Strong element DPS
  • Strong element support or 2nd DPS

So for a dungeon like Swiftsteel for example, you would have a team of water tank, nature healer, nature DPS, and nature support.

Guide version 1.0 

Last updated March 27, 2018