How to spend resources

by Magambo

Types of spendable resources:

  • Gems
  • Gold
  • Artifact Dust
  • Crown Dust

How to spend gems:

Most players can earn up to 520 gems per week by doing the following: 

  • Complete all daily quests
  • Complete gem mine daily
  • Explore and do dungeons
  • Clear PotA up to level 10
  • Daily login
  • Collect free packs
  • Finish Top 5000 in Arena
  • Join a Top 50 alliance
  • Participate in festivals (if you can reach 250 dungeon items you get an extra 100 gems!)

In the beginning:

  • Save up 750 gems to buy premium hero pack (top priority)
  • Keep doing this until you have a good set of core heroes (see Early Heroes List guide)
  • Use gems to buy XP boosts (40 or 90 gems) and 100 Energy packs (40 gems) and focus on leveling your core heroes
  • Use gems to buy 25 Key packs (50 gems) and farm dungeons to properly gear out your core heroes

How to spend resources for equipment:

The resources in the game that are used to upgrade equipment are Gold, Artifact Dust, and Crown Dust. These resources are arguably the hardest resources to get in the game (in that order), so spending them wisely can be key to your team's success. 


Gold is used to upgrade all equipment in the game besides Artifacts and Crowns. Gold can be earned through quests and events, but is primarily earned through selling equipment. 

  • It costs the same amount of gold to upgrade any piece of equipment that is the same star level (meaning rarity and slot don't make a difference)
  • 3* - 57k, 4* - 241k, 5* - 942k, 6* - 3.4m
  • With that in mind, you want to upgrade gear that is better rarity (epics and legendaries), especially once you're able to farm an equipment dungeon on auto
  • It's okay to level rare equipment when you have no other choice, or if the slots of the rare are better for your hero than an epic or legendary (i.e. you're gearing Petra and are choosing between rare HP gloves with 2 HP jewel slots vs epic HP gloves with 3 Crit Mult slots)

Artifact Dust 

Artifact Dust is used to level up Artifacts

  • All Artifacts are legendary quality so the principle for regular equipment doesn't apply
  • Prioritize using dust to level up heroes that you use the most
  • Use dust to level up 4* and 5* gear mainly, because 6* artifacts cost a lot to level up
  • Use dust on 6* artifacts only if you don't have any other piece that has the same stats you want, or if it's for your favorite heroes

Crown Dust

Crown Dust is used to level up crowns and is currently the hardest resource in the game to obtain. Save these for now until you have some really great crowns!