by Magambo


Artifacts are special equipment that are exclusive to each class. Every Epic, Legendary, and Mythic class has one equipment slot that their artifact belongs in (i.e. War Dragons artifacts belong in their weapon slot). Artifacts always come in Legendary rarity and can range from 3* to 6* quality. 

The main benefit to using an artifact is the special ability or bonuses they give your hero. War Dragon artifacts, for example, turn your A1 from a 3-hit attack into a 5-hit attack. Each class has a unique special ability or bonus that their artifact gives them. In addition to the special skill they add to a hero, artifacts also have stronger stats than regular equipment. 

*CritCrit MultPowerHPArmorBlockAimSpeed

How To Obtain

Artifacts come from opening Artifact Cores.

There are 4 different types of Artifact Cores:

  • Artifact Core - Summons a 3-5* Artifact
  • Epic Artifact Core - Summons a 4-6* Artifact
  • Legendary Artifact Core - Summons a 5-6* Artifact
  • Class Specific Artifact Core - Summons a 4-6* Artifact of a specific hero class (i.e. War Dragon Artifact Core)

Artifact Cores, Epic Artifact Cores, and Legendary Artifact Cores mainly come from Lost Dungeon drops. They can also be obtained through Festival quests, Hero Event quests, Lost Dungeon quests, and Alliance War.

Class Specific Artifact Cores can be obtained by completing Hero of the Day quests.

Leveling Costs

4* to 20 = 9,663
5* to 25 = 35,839
6* to 30 = 128,981
*VIP 10 gives a 5% reduction in costs

As you can see, the costs increase dramatically from 4* to 6*. Therefore, it's recommended that you use the following guidelines when deciding which artifact to level up:

6* - only heroes you absolutely love and want to max out
5* - heroes you use often
4* - heroes you use once in a while