Ironclaw Dungeon

by Magambo

Unit F24601, the Forgotten

Boss Abilities

Laser Bolt - Single target attack that Power breaks the target for 2 turns.

Searing Beam - The boss attacks all players with a powerful laser beam from his eyes. (Usable every 4 turns) (Available on turn 3)

Exploding Robots - Summon Robots that explode after a certain number of turns. (Usable every 3 turns) (Available on turn 4)

Enrage - If the Battle persists for too long, enemy damage output and resistance increases every turn. (Usable every 2 turns) (Available on turn 36)

Improved Resistance - The enemy is immune to Stun, Sleep, Provoke, Confuse, Silence, Disenchant, skills that increase cooldowns. Reflect damage, Soulcut, and Death Sentence. (Automatic effect)

Massive - The boss's Speed Bar fills more slowly.

Robots explode for 2,416 and 2,427 on F6.

Strategy 1 - Kill Robots

Attack order: 

Team compositions:

#1 - 1 fire tank (if rest of team is water, allows you to take all damage without needing taunt), 1 water AOE healer, 1 water dps, 1 water dps/support

#2 - 1 nature tank (allows you to take all damage without needing taunt), 1 AOE non-nature healer, 1 non-nature dps, 1 non-nature dps/support

This strategy is based around killing the two small robots that the boss spawns at the start, and is for players who don't have the team composition to live through 2 robot explosions (roughly 4,832 damage to each hero on your team). For this strategy you'll want 1 or 2 water or fire DPS (water preferred). They need to be strong enough to kill both robots within 3 turns, so AOE DPS or really strong single-target DPS are preferred. You'll want to target each robot until they're dead then immediately switch to the boss. You only have 2 rounds of damage on the boss before he spawns a new set of robots, so make sure your healer is able to top off your team during this phase.

Strategy 2 - Focus Boss

Attack Order:

Team compositions:

#1 - 1 tank, 1 healer, 2 dps (same element rules as Strategy #1)

#2 - 1 tank, 2 healers, 1 dps

For this strategy, you'll be targeting just the boss. This means that you'll need to be able to live through almost 5,000 damage, and be able to heal that back up within a few turns. You can use 2 healers here, since you're not rushing to kill the robots in time. This is the preferred strategy for those aiming for a faster kill.

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Boss Only Strategy (In French by Saarka)