Tier List Updates (August 20, 2020)

by Magambo  -  2020-08-20 21:03:45

Updated Sky Dragons for PVE and PVP. All are rated SSS for PVE because of the combination of GoM and their T0 attack, making them one of the fastest wave clears in game. 

Krath, Xion, and Umbra are the PVP standouts mostly due to their passive abilities.

Others moves:

Up - Kesi (PVE & PVP), Yurei (PVP), Savara (PVP)

Down - Ilya (PVP), Ibuazil (PVP)

Tier List Updates (June 25, 2020)

by Magambo  -  2020-06-22 01:25:42

Updated some Widowmakers due to GoM changes and Winter Knights for buffs (from a few months ago).

Tier List Updates (May 14, 2020)

by Magambo  -  2020-05-14 23:48:36

Added Arbiters and changed Sky Dragon ratings to reflect GoM changes.

Tier List - Spring 2020 Update

by Magambo  -  2020-03-11 19:06:41

All existing rankings have been updated. A few heroes are still missing initial rankings (mostly Legendaries). Here are some standouts:



Tier List - Fire Heroes Updated

by Magambo  -  2019-11-06 23:24:15

The tier lists for fire heroes has been updated. Top heroes include:


PVE rankings are based on hero performance in boss fights (Dungeon/Temple R5, Lost Dungeon R5) and PoTA R3.

PVP ranking are based on current meta at Master 3 / Grand Master level.

Tier List Update

by Magambo  -  2019-05-17 04:40:04

Classes in this update: 

Android Huntresses, Battlepriests, Blighted Dragons, Celestials, and Devastators.



These guys are in a great spot. High survivability, great utility, and high damage - all perfect for today's meta. Their survivability scales with Power, and the 100% bonus block they get from their artifacts give them the potential to block just about everything in the game. Fulk saw the biggest buff, with an unblockable ability to buff strip an enemy completely, and give those buffs to the whole team.

Blighted Dragons


The buff to Decay helped their utility, and buffs to their A1 and A3 really helped their damage output both in PVE and PVP. Some of them have found interesting niche roles in PVP, such as Smoulderwing.



Devastators got a nice buff in one of the most recent hero balance changes. Their A2 puts bombs on all enemies now and their A1 got a slight increase to its bomb proc chance. However, bombs still aren't a very powerful mechanic (compare to dread or plague, for example). Outside of PotA, the stun from bombs isn't useful against bosses. In PVP, Vera stands out with her incredible Armor Penetration on A2, allowing it to be a really powerful skill even if she's geared in Block (bombs will still land on squishies), and Cleo earns the distinction of being the only one that can detonate all bombs on turn 2. Last, but not least, Vivian is a powerhouse with her passive.

Android Huntresses - no changes. They're pretty much in the same spot as where they were before.

Celestials - minor tweaks. Nothing too big, a bump to Elli PVE and a bump down to Rani PVP.

Tier List Revamp

by Magambo  -  2019-05-17 04:33:59

It's been a few months since the last tier list update. With Rumble's decision to greatly slow development on AHOTS, I figured it would be a good time to revamp the tier list to match the current state of the game. 

PVE Ratings

PVE ratings will be weighted based on a hero's strengths in the following PVE content:

R4/R5 Lost Dungeon - 30%
R4/R5 Equipment Dungeon - 30%
PotA Solo Ability - 20%
Other content (raids, lower level dungeons, general pota ability) - 20%

R4/R5 bosses are immune to bar drain, and have crit resist (50%/75%, respectively), which means that bar drain heroes are less effective now than they were before, and heroes that have the ability to buff strip and curse are generally more effective now.

The latter parts of PotA require really deep barracks, and as such, heroes that have the ability to solo or require less of your good heroes to complete PotA will be given a boost in ratings. 

PVP Ratings

PVP ratings are generally much more dynamic than PVE ratings. For this tier list revamp, I'll be favoring heroes that currently do very well in the current meta. 

Generally speaking, roles that are getting a bump are:
- heroes with high survivability and high damage
- heroes with reliable buff strip (aim bonuses are a plus)
- heroes with important unblockable skills
- heroes that shut down bar-fill

And roles that are getting a bump down are:
- damage heroes based on speed, with little utility (think: werewolves)

I'm going to update the heroes in batches of 5 or so classes at a time, starting with Mythic heroes, since these lists could possibly be used to determine which heroes are used for food. 

Hofnarr and Peashot's Tournament

by Magambo  -  2018-12-14 00:47:34

Join the first fan hosted AHOTS tournament!

Details are on the forums:


Prizes include:

Round 1: Epic Core

Round 2: Epic Core, 250,000 gold

Round 3: Epic Core, 250,000 gold, 150 gems

3rd: Legendary Core, 250,000 gold, 150 gems

2nd: Legendary Core, 500,000 gold, 150 Gems

1st: Legendary Core, 500,000 gold, 300 Gems

Tier List Updates (December 13, 2018)

by Magambo  -  2018-12-14 00:40:43

In this batch of Tier List updates, we've added some new ratings as well as some changes due to the meta shift.

New Ratings

Added ratings for S/E and Chaos Blighted Dragons, S/E Cyclopses, S/E Mages, S/E Ferrets, S/E Gunners, S/E Santa Clauses, S/E Hexteel Guardians, S/E Planeshifter Assassins and all Hammerfists. Some notables are:

  Emperian, the Arrogant SSPVE  SSSPVP AOE buff removal is one of the most desired skills in today's meta.

  Van Cleef, the Eyes of the Gun SSPVE  SSPVP Unblockable Slow, Armor Break, and Disenchant.

  Toros, the Colossus SPVE  SSSPVP Amazing in Arena, versus bar-fill teams especially. Having less power against top tier bosses makes him less viable in PVE.

  Hertz, the Shadow Siphon SSSPVE  SSSPVP 100% Uptime on Invincibility and Debuff Immunity make him incredibly hard to deal with in all areas of the game.

  Aiko, the Shadow Brand SSPVE  SSSPVP Armor Break and Mark with a ton of Aim and Speed make her amazing at setting up alpha strikes. She also has the same A2 as Nara if you need control instead. Starting with Stealth means she can't be disabled by faster heroes with non-leader skill attacks.

  Sachiko, the Blade of the Queen SSPVE  SSSPVP The fastest AOE bar-fill in the game. Changes to their artifact also mean that the sleep on her ascended skill is very likely to land.

Rating Changes

  Vortryn, the Defiler SPVE => SS and SPVP => SSS The buffs to his A2 have made him the best turn 1 buff stripper in the game. AOE buff removal is already very powerful on its own, but couple that with a 2-turn Silence and its game-over.

ALL Champions -- PVP With the exception of Wulfric, all Champions received a one-tier downgrade in their PVP rating. They just aren't as viable anymore.

ALL Battlepriests -- PVP With the exception of Bertrand, all Battlepriests received a one-tier downgrade in their PVP rating. They have a strange role in PVP that they just can't seem to fill.

Next on the list are (in order of priority):

Tacticians, Vampires, Blade Dancers, Vengeful Ents, Lancers, Martial Artists, Ronins

Tier List Updates (October 28, 2018)

by Magambo  -  2018-10-28 22:32:50

With the last couple of balance changes, a lot of heroes are now performing differently from when we created the original tier lists (6 months ago). Couple that with some new PVE content, and some changes to high end PVP, and it's about that time to update the tier lists. We'll be tackling a few classes at a time, adding new criteria to both the PVE and PVP tier lists, and adding more detailed reasoning for each tier. With each update, we hope to add some reasoning behind movement through tiers.

New Ratings

Added ratings for Furybane, Bohemond, Renaut, Gunnar, Olav, Itmor, Kag, All Bounty Hunters, Elly, Ilya, Owar, Acrox, Daru, Meridiana, Namiah, Numida, Alecturo, Avalanche, Epidemic, and Gleam.

Rating Changes

  Mamoru, the Summer Sky PVP -- SS => SSS Should have been SSS from the start.

Itsuki PVP -- SS => SSS His buff/fix made him a top tier PVP speed team staple. One of the best turn enablers in the game.

Amalia PVP -- S => SS A bump up in rating for her leader skill. She can disable so many other leader skills, a must-have for any PVP barracks.

Hildegard PVP -- S => SS Just better enough with Haste on A2 to get a bump up. With the nerf to their bar fill amount, the Haste Minstrels get the edge in turn 1 effectiveness. 

Pallas PVP -- A => SSS Changes to his leader skill have made him one of the best disablers in arena. And he does it all before the first turn.

Bertrand PVP -- S => SSS Changes to his leader skill have made him incredible in arena and a key component of the block/tank meta shift we're seeing. 

Agni PVP -- SS => SSS One of the best buff removers in today's meta. Hits like a truck even after his A3 nerf.

Dekhate PVP -- SS => SSS Same as Agni. The importance of AOE buff removal is becoming more important as the meta shifts.

Pokharaja PVE -- S => SS Buffs to his A3 have made him much more viable in PVE.

Panna PVE -- S => SS Buffs to his A3 have made him much more viable in PVE.

Santa Claus, the Winter Father PVP -- SS => SSS R3 and meta changes have made this guy a top support in arena.

Alerick PVP -- SSS => SS A lot easier to control and counter now. Speed heroes without utility are weaker in general.

Hugen PVP -- SSS => SS Same as Alerick.

Ashclaw PVP -- SSS => SS Not quite as powerful as Tiamat or Ouro who both have 2 amazing AOE attacks. Will keep an eye on how the buffs to Decay impact the effectiveness of Blighted Dragons.

Stay tuned for rating updates to: Vortryn, Paladins, Vengeful Ents, Vampires, Champions

And the additions of: Tacticians, Hammerfists, and more...

Equipment Dungeon Guides - Ironclaw Dungeon (October 13, 2018)

by Magambo  -  2018-10-13 22:03:18

The first equipment dungeon guide has been created for the Ironclaw Dungeon.

Equipment Guides Volume 1 (June 14, 2018)

by Magambo  -  2018-06-12 00:10:21

Welcome to the first set of hero equipment guides! From now on, we'll be publishing equipment guides and advice for heroes based on their popularity. On the hero pages, you'll find gear recommendations as well as some hero advice. This first edition includes:

Their icons and links can be found on the right side of the page for now, but will eventually be included in the news section.

Ahots-Fan is released on Alliance: Heroes of the spire

by Saarka  -  2018-03-19 00:00:00

Hello all, Magambo and I(Saarka) are proud to announce our first release of our website ahots-fan.net that is intended to bring some added value content on the game Alliance: Heros of the spire, this website will contains :

  • Guides
  • Hero Details & Ratings
  • Videos

This is first release, and we intend to add more contents in our website in further releases :

  • Detailed game guides
  • Hero equipments recommandations
  • Hero advices
  • Where can we drop the heroes
  • Hero combinations with other heroes
  • Create a news section
  • Ability to search heroes by debuff or buffs (for instance give me heroes that are able to do single or aoe armor break)
  • ...

In this goal, any help would be appreciated for specific tasks listed below :

  • Provide hero skills damage modifiers
  • Guides creation
  • Improve heroes details
  • Translations
  • Report any error in our website
  • Designer if someone could create a sexier graphical chart for this website:)

If you want to contribute, you could send a contact request Here.

To end this, I would like to adress special thanks to the following players for their interest to this project and help they provided for this :

  • Niddhog
  • Pibbcow
  • FrenziedWarrior